Our commitment to providing premium lamb and quality mutton products.

Established in 2014, Stockman’s Foods is a leading producer of premium quality British Lamb and Mutton.

Based in the Midlands, we are perfectly located to benefit from some of the greenest, most livestock rich pastures in the UK.

This allows us to hand select our livestock, ensuring that our customers receive only the finest quality lamb and mutton.

We can offer full farm to fork traceability for all our products and adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare at all times.

Quality Assurance

Our Premium British Lamb meets the requirements of the AHDB Beef & Lamb Quality Standard Mark scheme for lamb, which provides one of the highest levels of independently inspected quality assurance for meat in the United Kingdom.



At Stockman’s Foods we feel very passionately about animal welfare and as a result invest significantly in our staff and processing facilities to guarantee that animal welfare is never compromised. We ensure that all livestock benefit from the highest welfare standards and as a result our products taste better. Happy livestock = tastier meat. 


We are externally audited by several bodies to ensure this. From farm to lairage we ensure that all animals can be housed and fed in an environment that they are comfortable in to ensure maximum end meat quality.



We guarantee that only the highest quality British lamb and mutton are used in our products, all of which are subject to a rigorous selection process.

This begins with the housing on the farm, where animals are cared for until they reach the optimum size and shape for our requirements. Once processed, these animals are then hand selected to ensure that only the finest quality makes it into our Premium British Lamb and Quality British Mutton ranges.



We are committed to the environment; we seek to continuously reduce our impact on the environment, from implementing recycling schemes at our site both with waste and machinery, to ensuring that we prioritise waste reduction in our processing facilities with monthly reviews on performance.

We are also working closely with industry specialists to create a bench marking scheme to ensure continuous improvement. Ensuring, where possible, all product packaging is fully recyclable.


Only a small proportion of British lambs prove

to be of a high enough quality to meet our strict requirements for our premium range.

The lambs have strict weight and fat conformation specifications to ensure that our customers

get a truly premium quality product.

Taste and tenderness guaranteed.


We hand select over twelve month lambs which

fit in to our strict weight and fat

conformation requirements to ensure that we can

offer our customers a first rate quality yet more affordable British meat.